Kurmasana & Supta Kurmasana --> Turtle Pose & Sleeping Turtle Pose

Kurmasana & Supta Kurmasana Health Benfits

The name Kurmasana has been derived from a Sanskrit word "Kurma", which means "turtle". The posture resembles the shape of a turtle, where the back is curved like a turtle shell. It is an advance posture, and quite challenging to perform, but with regular practice it is possible and it becomes a very meditative and comfortable posture. Supta Kurmasana - Sleeping Turtle is even more advance. Your arms are wrapped and clasped behind your back and your legs are behind your head and ankles are hooked right on top of the left one. It is an even deeper posture that Kurmasana, but also with regular practice it becomes a very enjoyable posture. One of the primary benefits of these postures is that it increases blood flow to the heart and lungs.  


    • These postured helps you to stretch your back and your legs
    • Open the pelvis, hips, and low back
    • Improve the functioning of the digestive and respiratory systems
    • They lengthen the spine and muscles along the back
    • Strengthens the outer hips
    • The organs in the abdomen are stimulated during this posture
    • Any tightness that is present in the lumbar and sacrum areas are released
    • Blood flow to the brain is increased