Garbha Pindasana & Kukkutasana --> Embryo in the Womb Pose & Rooster Pose

Garbha Pindasana & Kukkutasana Health Benefits

Garth Pindasana - Garbha means womb and Pinda means embryo. In this asana we are making ourselves like an embryo in a womb. Kukkutasana - Our arms and hands resemble the legs and claws of a rooster. Both postures work with the back of our bodies, where we have important organs like kidneys. When we are rocking and rolling on our backs we are massaging the kidneys, which helps our bodies to eliminate toxins.    
These postures also purify liver and spleen as our legs are in lotus and the heels are pressed into the abdomen, which helps to massage the organs. 
Furthermore the arms squeezing through the calfs and thighs, applies pressure on the lymphatic vessels and it helps to cleanse the lymph tissue. 

  • The postures massage and cleanse internal organs
  • Improve digestion
  • They relax and stretch the spine, especially the lumbar spine
  • Both postures strengthen the abdominal muscles
  • Good stretch for the hips and gluteal muscles