"Anyone can practice. Young man can practice. Old man can practice. Very old man can practice. Man who is sick, he can practice. Man who doesn't have strength can practice. Except lazy people; lazy people can't practice Ashtanga yoga"
-K Pattabhi Jois-

About Anna Makarova


I have had a very diverse education and experience before I came to the conclusion that I want to immerse myself into teaching yoga. Yoga has been in my life for over 12 years, so finally in 2015 I accomplished a 200 hour Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training course in London with Ryan Spielman, to start teaching and do what I love. 

When I was 5 years old I started dancing ballet and I realised how much I love it and danced ballet till I was 18 on a professional level. I graduated Arts Educational School in Tring/ UK. I then realised that I want to grow more as a person and don't want a short career so I went a completely different route and did my undergrad in International Business with finance and Russian and French languages in European Business School, London. For a few years I then worked in Private banking and afterwards went for further education. I gained a Masters degree in International Political Economy in King's College, London. 
After I took the opportunity, to volunteer in Zanzibar for 2 months, something I really wanted to do at some point in my life. On top of volunteering I was practicing yoga every morning and each morning had kids practice with me, so I started adjusting them. That was the moment when I realised that I really want to start teaching yoga and as soon as I got back from Africa, I went on with my teacher training course. 
 As soon as the course ended I moved to Latvia and for the past year and half have been teaching Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga group and private classes in English, Latvian and Russian. Starting from January 2017 I moved back to London to continue my teaching and learning journey


About Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series is a traditional Yoga practice that is built to progress in strength and flexibility. Some of the poses might seem difficult at first, but each posture has a modification for beginners so it is suitable for all levels. You will feel inner transformation every time you practice. It involves synchronising the breath with progressive series of postures and it produces intense internal heat and a purifying sweat that detoxifies the muscles and organs.

Results: improved circulation, a light and strong body and a calm mind