Janu Shirsasana A, B, C --> Head to Knee Pose A, B, C

Janu Shirsasana A, B and C Health Benefits

Jan Shirsasana is performed in Ashtanga Yoga Primary series in the seated posture sequence. It is a restorative posture that reenergises the body and improves digestion by stretching the ascending and descending colon. This posture also combines the benefits of a full back-body stretch with a slight torso twist. Therefore, it is also beneficial for dancers and athletes. Although the translation is "head to knee" pose, it is not of utmost importance to do so. The crucial part of performing the posture is maintaining a long spine in correct alignment. 
This posture as many other ones helps to relieve depression, headaches, anxiety and it calms the nervous system. Yet, it should not be practiced while experiencing the symptoms as yoga is not a quick fix. Only a regular yoga practice will improve your well-being and eliminate the symptoms. 

  • Calms the brain and helps relieve mild depression
  • Stretches the spine, shoulders, hamstrings, and groins
  • Relieves anxiety, fatigue, headache, menstrual discomfort
  • Massages and stimulates your internal organs like the liver and kidneys
  • Improves digestion and helps heal gastric ailments
  • Helps relieve symptoms of menopause.