Marichyasana A, B, C & D --> Sage Mariachi Pose A, B, C & D

Marichyasana Health Benefits

Marichyasana posture is derived from the name of sage Mariachi. In Hindu mythology Mariachi is the son of Brahma and is one of the seven wise lords of creation who declared the law of dharma or meaning of life of the universe. The seven laws of success are: The law of pure potentiality, the law of giving, the law of karma, the law of least effort, the law of intension and desire, the law of detachment and the law of dharma or purpose of life! 

The postures are challenging and the difficulty increases from A being the easiest and D being the most difficult one. The body needs to be very warmed up before trying these postures. These postures help to restore and maintain the suppleness and mobility of the spine and they massage and give a new supply of blood to the internal organs which helps to rejuvenate the body. 

  • These postures stretch the spine and the back muscles
  • Increase the flexibility and strength of the spine
  • They stretch the hips and hamstrings
  • Stretch and loosen the shoulder muscles
  • Massage the internal organs and glands make them function effectively
  • Open up the breathing passages
  • Improve digestion
  • Help to relieve fatigue and rejuvenates the body
  • May help ease menstrual pain
Marichyasana C

Marichyasana C