coconut oil

My favourite products to treat my skin with

Coming home after a long day is always such a great feeling and first thing I want to do is jump in a shower to wash off all the pollution. As the air is so polluted, we need to take care of our skin to prevent damage. 
So I will tell you about a few of my favourite products I currently use. My currently favourite shower gel to feel nice and refreshed is: Aesop shower gel (Rose petal, Cardamon and Black pepper) although they have so many different and very nice scented shower gels.

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Twice a week instead of shower gel I like to use salt or sugar scrub. Currently I am using ESPA Invigorating Salt Scrub. It has natural sea salt, lime, menthol and almond oil. It leaves the skin nice and fresh with a cool feel. If I use the scrub I don't moisturise my skin after the shower as the scrub already moistures the skin with its almond oils.

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If I use the shower gel, then I like to use any organic coconut oil which I apply on a wet body straight after the shower as it is much easier to apply it this way and then I lightly dry myself with a towel. Currently I am using Vita Coco coconut oil.

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My shampoo and conditioner that smell so nice are from OUAI brand. I use shampoo for Volume and conditioner for Curls. It gives my hair nice waves and volume from the roots. 

I have recently discovered a very nice face wash that leaves the skin squeaky clean. For those who like that sensation I really recommend bareMinerals Pure Plush cleansing foam. It washes of the makeup, minimises the pores and leaves your skin squeaky clean.

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As I like to change my facial products for my skin not to get used to and stop reacting to the benefits of each cleanser I also currently use Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser. It purifies and tightens pores, it lifts excess oil without drying the skin and calms irritated complexions. 

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For moisturising the face skin I use a couple of products. I use from the Organic Pharmacy two products: Collagen Boost mask, which I apply before the face cream (you don't have to wash it off), and then moisturiser Manuka Face cream, which has all natural ingredients and leaves the skin bright and smooth. I use these products in the mornings and evenings.

Also sometimes I like to change it up and in the evenings I use this amazing Ayurvedic facial oil Kumkumadi Thailam from Kama Ayurveda. I bought mine in India, but you can find them in Europe as well or if you would like Kama Ayurveda brand- they ship to Europe. Kumkumadi Thailam is a blend of amazing oils and extracts like: Saffron, Indian Madder and Banyan tree, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Lotus and Liquorice. 

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If any of you are using any of these products please leave a comment of what you think of them and if you have any other cool stuff to recommend please do. I would love to discover and try something new :)



My favourite way of starting a day

My mornings

As I am a morning person I like to wake up bright and early around 7am. I usually give myself at least 2 hours before I need to be somewhere.

First of all my alarm should be nice and soothing melody so I can wake up slowly with no stress. Of course I love snoozing my alarm… I do it at least twice before I get out of bed.

First thing I do when I get out of bed is oil pulling – (rinsing mouth with coconut oil). You can choose any oil of your preference, but in my opinion coconut oil is the best. I rinse my mouth for about 5-7 minutes, spit it out and brush my teeth. (Oil pulling is good for getting rid of all the toxins in your mouth, natural teeth whitening, better breath and healthier gums)

Get dressed, have a large glass of room temperature water. It should always be first thing in the morning you put in your stomach (It purifies and wakes up your body’s internal system). 

Yoga class at home or in a near by studio (Ashtanga yoga, preferably self practice as then you can do what you want and in your own pace) At the end of class I like to do at least 10 minutes of meditation.

I feel so energised and at the same time calm after this routine.

Nice warm shower and after I apply coconut oil,  (I do it on wet body as it is much easier to apply than on dry body). Next I lightly dry my body with a towel.

After drink some more water and I am ready for my breakfast, cold pressed juice and a small cup of coffee (shouldn’t get too carried away with the coffee, but its okay to have it once in a while) Coffee is okay to drink, but its better not to have it in order to wake yourself up as it gives a shock to your body. It is much healthier to wake up in a natural way.

My breakfast

Poached egg on a slice of seeded toast, topped with steamed spinach with some chilli flakes and coriander and avocado and asparagus on the side.


1 Seeded slice of bread (toasted)
1 Poached egg
2 handful spinach leaves (steamed)
Chilli flakes
Fresh coriander
Half an avocado (sliced)
3 large green asparagus (grilled)

A freshly made cold pressed juice


1 Pomegranate
10-15 Strawberries
Fresh ginger (size of the piece by your choice)
200ml Coconut water

Now I'm ready to conquer the world :)