Savasna--> Corpse Pose

Savasana Benefits

At the end of an intense yoga class it is very important to do the final posture- Savasana, which is held minimum for 8 minutes (this is what I have observed while teaching) although it is best to stay in this relaxing posture for 15-20 minutes . For beginners it can be very difficult to practice Savasana, as it requires stillness, relaxation and concentration on your body parts and breathing.  In our busy lifestyles people forget how to just "be", be still and not think about our work, problems or plans after the class. Another difficulty can be to stay awake for Savasana, which is important to gain all the benefits from it, but don't worry, with time it will become easier and more pleasant if for now it is still frustrating. 

For those who have difficulty to stay in Savasana think of it as a reward after a strong and focused yoga class. Also to make it a little bit easier a teacher can lead you into the posture and relaxation with talking you through the breathing, body relaxation and sometimes with a small relaxing pressure point massage.

After a while you will realise that you cannot do a yoga class without Savasana. 


  • It relaxes your whole body (muscles and all the organs)
  • Savasana improves concentration
  • It can cure insomnia (Good to practice in bed before sleeping if having difficulties to fall asleep)
  • It releases stress and tension in your body and mind
  • It reduces headaches
  • Savasana can lower blood pressure
  • A few minutes of Savasana can be as good and rejuvenating as a good night sleep