Sarvangasana --> Shoulder stand

Sarvangasana Health Benefits


This asana has a lot of benefits. The literal translation from Sanskrit means “all-members pose”. It’s called “all-members pose” because all body parts are engaged when the posture is performed. It supplies blood to the spinal roots of nerves and nourishes them. It also keeps the spine elastic and strong, which means it is less likely to get back problems that many people are suffering from. Furthermore, Sarvangasana nourishes the thyroid gland, which is very important for our body’s wellbeing as it controls most of our organ functioning. A few further benefits from the asana are listed below:


·     The inversion from the neck up increases the blood flow to the heart, brain and eyes

·     Lengthens the spine, which relieves tension in shoulders, neck and head

·     Regulates the thyroid gland, which regulates all of our organs

·     Stabilizes and lowers the heart rate, which leads to calmed nervous system.

·     Relieves from anxiety, stress and tension and improves your sleep

·     Tones your body and improves your balance and stability

It is usually practiced with the hands supporting the back. 

It is usually practiced with the hands supporting the back.