6 reasons why yoga is good for you

1. Stress release
Some yoga methods use meditation that focuses on your breathing that helps the person forget all the thoughts and worries of their busy lives for the period of the yoga class or meditation session. Also by practicing yoga you boost your oxygen levels to the brain which makes you happier and calmer. 

2. Lowers risk injuries
Yoga postures are very balanced and each posture concentrates on a different part of the body. In a yoga class you unite your body and mind and it allows you to move in a very fluid way. 

3. Weight loss
Excess stress is a contributor to weight gain. Therefore yoga helps you to bring a deep sense of relaxation to your mind and body and also exercise as such is a large contributor to weight loss. 

4. Flexibility increase
A lot of people think that they cannot do yoga as they are not flexible enough for it.. It's wrong! Yoga is not about who can lift their leg higher, it is about doing as much as you can and each posture, no matter how far you can reach and stretch, is beneficial for you. And you will see that with time you will get more flexible, because yoga stretches many soft  ligaments and tendons, increasing the range of motion in the joints and allowing you to move around more freely.

5. Benefits breathing 
Your lung capacity will increase by practicing yoga regularly because of the deep breathing process. It increases your stamina and endurance. 

6. Improves your posture
By practicing yoga you maintain a healthier weight, you improve your core strength and flexibility. You will realise that your posture will improve because of all the improvements in your body.